Sunday, August 30, 2009

scene 4, part 4

I think I have had this page brought up here for about 7 hours now... I just couldn't think of anything to blog about! There are days when I'm inspired and words roll off my tongue and days like today when I have nothing. So recently I have been fighting one of my roommates on the temperature in the house. I come in and she has it on between 75-80... AH.. I turn it back down to 70. It's killing me! Way too hot!

I am friends with one of the graduate assistants from last year's band who is no longer at Ole Miss. He and I were pretty close and I ended up telling him about guys and he would talk to me about them. Actually, he brought it up most of the time lol. So there is this one guy that I liked and it's so funny because the GA has come to hate him! He is so against me ever dating him! At one time he asked me to stop speaking to him all together! Today he asked me about it and I said I was still talking to him and he said it's ok to be friends but make sure that's all it is! Don't date him! I think the GA would kill me if I ever did! It's so funny because the guy has no clue that he's hated!! LOL

Last night I watched Beauty and the Beast. For the first time ever, it elicited tears from my eyes. I found myself crying after the Beast saved her, thinking I wouldn't have been saved. It was really a pity Kelli moment. lol As I watched it I got more things out of it that I had never gotten before. The story was so much more to me. So yes, a moment of sadness, but much wisdom gained from the experience. I'll leave you with two quotes that caught my attention and left a deep impression that I couldn't possibley describe on here.

Beast: "I let her go."
Cogsworth: "But-but but...why?"
Beast: "Because I love her."

Belle: "Please...please don't leave me... I love you."

Love Always, Kellbelle

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