Monday, August 10, 2009

scene 1, take 1

my name is kelli. hello. wow. i feel like i'm talking to myself. but ok. you'll just have to bear with me until i get this figured out exactly. hence the title is scene 1, TAKE 1. lol i prefer to think of my life as a movie. so welcome to the theater. i hope you enjoy the show. :)

i am a student at the college that i attend. however i think it's a bit too early in our relationship for me to tell you where. (yes. we are going to look at this as a between the movie watcher and the actor.) i decided to attend said mysterious college to attain a degree in the medical field. i want to be a pediatric oncologist (child's cancer doctor). sometimes i'm not quite sure if i can do it. if i'm smart enough. so i say forget oncology i'll just be a pediatrician. whatever i end up doing, i know it will be with children. i love working with children. they are so happy and innocent. they see things in life that we don't. i have 3 current jobs that all have to do with children.

i have great friends. i love them all. one of my best friends, Ashton, is currently in Japan. I miss her so much. i feel like a part of me is missing while she's gone. but i'm better now than i was when she first left. i also have Michael W. who a great best friend. he is always there for me. he knows everything i think...but that's because we think so much alike! as do ashton and i. Lacey is my old roomie. i'll miss living with her this year but we'll still be together all the time. and of course her boyfriend Michael H. will always be around as well. LOL. Shane is a great friend of mine also. He's funny and always makes me laugh. so does Daniel!! I have so many friends and i'll write them on here at some point in time but for right now these are good. lol. you'l be hearing about these people a lot.

i love movies. i watch so many movies and own a lot also. i always wanted to be an actress. i was in drama in high school and in many plays. i love to act. i feel so happy when i am acting. sadly, in college i can't be in drama because i'm not a major. i actually almost went to NYFA for acting. NYFA is New York Film Academy. Because i love movies so much is why i decided that this is going to be kind of like a movie. However, right now it's kind of like introducing the main character and the supporting characters.

for now that's all i've got for you. i'm sorry this is so choppy. i've just got to get my flow going. i hope you have a great day. Love always, Kellbelle

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