Saturday, August 22, 2009

scene 3, part 4

who knew?

Yesterday as I was taking a shower the song A Girl Worth Fighting For from Mulan came on my iPod and it kinda caught me off guard. I had always loved this song since the movie came out. A man fighting for me. Wow. Last night I started talking to Michael about it and I said I had always thought I was a girl worth fighting for. Every girl does. He said, "You know, one thing a lot of guys don't know, is that girls actually want to be fought for." I started laughing. Oh come on. Every guy knows girls want to be fought for right? Apparently not. We assume that guys want to fight for us. We want them to, whether its a real fight or sticking up for us or simply fighting off a friend just to be with us. Michael said that he thinks its just that guys think that being too after a girl will turn her off and that making a huge deal about it will make her not want them around. I said um no. We want a guy who will come after us, not in a creepy way though. We want you to compliment us and sit by us and talk to us, tell us you miss us. We started talking about the differences and similarities between guys and girls.

I told him about how girls analyze EVERYTHING a guy says and does. We watch to see if you sit leaning towards us or away from us, if you cross your legs towards us or not, where your eyes are at all times. Magazines tell us to do these things. We read and re-read every message you send us and watch every glance, smile, and thing you say. We look at the stupid little things and normally skip over the big things. Some of us just beat ourselves down because we'll look at something you say and then think oh he does like me, but what if he says that to every girl, so he doesn't, but what if he does like me, oh but he's talking to other girls right now so he can't. That's how girls are. We're terrible about it.

Michael said guys sometimes don't go after girls because they're just sure that the girl doesn't like them. He said that when a girl compliments a guy they tend to see it as just a compliment nothing more. He said they tend to look over subtle hints.

Men, listen and listen well. We will try to give you 5,000 subtle stupid hints that we think you should just realize means that we like you. If a girl ever touches your arm and compliments your muscles out of no where and is available and not just a huge flirt, she likes you. We are taught from the time we are little that telling a guy he's strong in a cutesy voice will make him like you. We compliment all guys yes. Sometimes we do it to make you feel better. Sometimes we do it because we like you. Sometimes both. You have to listen to the compliments to realize whether or not we like you.

Sometimes the best thing a guy can do is just ask. Same for a girl. We're just all so worried about the other person saying no. Is it easier to just ask and know the answer or worry yourself sick because you want to know so much? A lot of people just can't ask. They're too afraid. Michael said it perfectly last night. It's like running around a pool blindfolded. We want to jump but we're too afraid we'll miss the water or it'll hurt. As for me, I'd love to just jump in, but I'm the kind of person who will run around and around and around the pool and then test the water first to make sure it's really there. So I can't tell you what to do. There are some of us who like more than one person but can't be sure who to go after. The answer is in your heart. Just shut off your brain for five seconds and listen to what your heart says. You should know who it is. You should feel it. So I'll leave you with some final advice.

Stop listening to what you know and listen to what you feel and then go for it. Let go and jump in.

Love Always, Kellbelle

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