Tuesday, August 11, 2009

scene 1, part 2

I was flipping channels earlier and saw that Ella Enchanted had just begun. Now I already told you how much I love movies and I have always loved this one. So I decided to watch this movie today. Ella Enchanted is a Cinderella story movie. However, this movie in particular is put back in the medieval times and includes ogres and fairies and elves. This whimsical movie always makes me laugh.

If there is one thing you should know about me it's that I am a romantic. Oh yes. I know part of this is because I'm a girl. It's expected right?lol I absolutely love romantic movies and books. Hence the fact that Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite movie. See Beauty and the Beast is different from most of the princess stories Disney made back then. Belle actually got to know the Beast. At first he hated her and she hated him as well. But she learns that he's a great person. She doesn't just dance with the guy and go OMG i love you! no. She experiences real love. A love that we all want to experience, whether we admit it or not.

Love is such an amazing thing. Most girls imagine, from the time they are little, their handsome prince riding in and saving her. Of course, being a prince, he must be tall and gorgeous with a great body. He is the most romantic man on Earth and brings her roses out of no where. He always tells her how wonderful she is and how she is the most beautiful person on the planet. However, when girls are younger they don't realize that sometimes they won't like the prince. The prince will be terrible and think of himself and not tell her how wonderful she is. Sometimes he'll go days without even talking to her. They especially don't think of how horrible they'll be to the prince either. How selfish they'll be and how they'll want him to act like a prince all the time and get upset with him when he doesn't.

We imagine the guy always being a perfect gentleman. Then we fall in love. We learn that it's not him being perfect and wonderful that we love. It's when he's goofy and when he does stupid things to impress you. We even look back and laugh at old fights. We even kind of find it endearing. The fact that he even cared enough to actually fight and then work it out, rather than just saying "Oh screw you. I'm done with this stuff." and forgetting you. After having been in love just once, whether we currently are or not, romance movies change. We realize that in the movies it's the silly things that the girl likes that makes her fall in love with him. It wasn't him being that perfect gentleman. Because there is no perfect gentleman. There's no perfect lady either.

Yes, we girls love our romance movies. Why? It keeps us dreaming. It keeps us hoping that that goofy prince who hurts your feelings but then always comes back, is out there or for some, notices us. Yes love is a funny thing. But it's amazing. So I'll keep on watching my romance movies and reading my stories. I'll still sniff the roses every time I walk into a Wal Mart like I have done since I was a little girl. Because what is love to me? A rose. Simple enough. It's beautiful, but still has it's thorns.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Love Always, Kellbelle

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