Thursday, August 27, 2009

scene 4, part 1

I have had amazingly great days the past two days!! I am so incredibly happy. I mean of course there are some downers in my life, but I choose to ignore them for now. Some of them I look at the bright side of. Some I look to the future. Some I just simply pray about and choose not to worry. Life is much too short to worry about all the things going wrong. I'd rather keep on smiling and laughing through any sadness, anger, or pain that I feel. My friends used to always joke with me by saying that they knew when I was really upset because I pretended to be okay and I would get overly happy. Nowadays I am just overly happy all the time like I used to be. If I'm upset I'm going to show it and it's going to take quite a lot to get me there.

Today in band towards the end of practice, I took a step backwards at just the wrong angle and felt my foot snap. I thought I broke it. It hurt so bad! I just kind of grimaced and kept on marching. Of course every set had to be backwards!! I wanted to scream and run off the field but instead I just kept on going and when I could stop I would step on it or bend it backwards hoping to fix it. It still hurts some, but I think I popped it back. lol

I had pretty much decided to drop political science because its hard and i cant ever get the quizzes in on time because of band. however, Ray Ray is trying to convince me to stay in. We both skipped class today! LOL

I can't decide if I want to ride tonight or not. There are so many things that I could think about. Things I probably should think about. I learned some things the other night that make me look at a couple of people differently now. I'm really trying not to hold one particular thing against one person but I just keep thinking about it. It makes me so sick! Someone doing that to their best friend?! That's really just wrong! UGH! I guess I do need to ride after all.

I hope you have a wondermous day!! Love Always, Kellbelle

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  1. What are you talking about in the end? I <3 you Kelli!