Thursday, August 20, 2009

scene 3, part 2

A thought crossed my mind last night. What if the one you're made for is made for someone else? Could that really happen? or. What if the one who's made for you never realizes it? What if you completely skip over that person you're supposed to be with?Can this happen? Do we all find that one and just know or do some people really just skip over their soulmate? Does everyone have a soulmate? How about those who never find anyone? Were they not made as a pair, but instead alone? Would that really happen? My human mind says surely not.

Last night a fifteen year old started asking me for advice about guys, again. So I listened to her tell me the same story she's been saying all summer basically. She dated a guy named Doug and he was terrible to her so she broke up with him and started dating a new guy named Tate. Now she's not sure who she wants to be with because she really likes Tate but keeps telling me how she's still sort of in love with Doug. She said Doug wanted to propose!

My Advice: Honey, you're fifteen. Play the field. You've been with Doug once; you know how he is and how terrible he treats you. Of course part of you still loves him! You gave him your heart and he's going to keep a piece of it. You really like Tate so stay with him. If you decide Tate isn't for you, then you can try Doug again if you still really want to be with him. You just need to pray about it. You do NOT need to get married or engaged right now. That's just doomed. If you're still looking at other guys then you are not ready for marriage. He would be the only one you ever want to think about again.

She asked me how she could get that piece of her heart back to move on. I said, Honestly. You won't till you find the one and all of a sudden all the pieces you'd given away are back and you give your entire heart to this person. Until then, he'll keep it.

Have a great day! Love Always, Kellbelle

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  1. SOunds like amazing advice to me. I wish I had heard that when I was fifteen, I really could have used it. Kelli. Your seriously a genius.