Monday, August 24, 2009

regeneration--bonus feature

This is in response to the blog I made earlier today. No song will be included. Nothing. Just me stating what I learned while sitting in Paris-Yates Chapel after riding.

When I worked at the YMCA there was a child named Kurtis that I worked with. This child would drive me insane! I had to take him to swimming lessons everyday and they kept asking him to jump in but he was too afraid. He wanted Russell to hold his hands as he got in, but the lesson was for him to do it alone. I would get so aggravated with him because I kept thinking Geez it's just water. Jump in already! He's going to catch you! I trusted Russell to catch him but Kurtis didn't.

Tonight as I sat there with my debate going on with God about jumping in, I thought about Kurtis. I felt so upset. How could I get so annoyed at him back then when I'm just like him now?! God tells me to jump in the pool and I just keep asking for his hands and then I fall in while trying to grasp them, causing me to almost drown till God pulls me out and places me back on the deck. I want to jump. I've just been afraid that if I jump he won't catch me. Now, I'm ready. I'm very ready to jump in the pool and have God teach me how to swim just like Russell helped Kurtis.

Love Always, Kellbelle

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