Friday, August 14, 2009

Scene 2, part 1

Today I am in such a rush! I have to go get a windshield put in the car and it will take 90 minutes!! Then I have to go get an inspection sticker. But at least that takes like 5 minutes. However, it's going to be around 2:30 or 3 before I can leave now! UGH! So I have everything out in the living room. I just have to load it in the car. Bleh. I can't fit it all in my car so I'm leaving stuff here for my dad to fit into his when he comes later today. I'm not even attempting to lift the tv. Either a. I'd break it. or b. I'd break myself. or c. Both. Probably c would win.

So as you've probably guessed by now, I love to make people happy. It's one thing I just enjoy doing. There are people I can't stand but I'm still overly nice to them. Now I don't let people walk all over me. That's not going to happen. lol. I wish I could just tell people to go away and leave me alone, but then I think of how upset they'd be and I just can't do it! Every time I've had to break up with a guy I've ended up crying while having to do it because I felt so bad(with one exception where I was overly giddy)! Of course they got all upset and kept going why why why. Every time. Terrible. I felt horrible.

Blind dates. TERRIBLE! Just don't do it ok? Terrible. Awful. I've been on one and it was horrible! A girl I worked with at kohl's decided I should go out with her cousin. So she and her fiance and the cousin and I went out. OMG! It was the worst thing ever!! I was miserable the entire time! He was the biggest redneck ever and for some *cough* unknown reason I dont really date rednecks anymore. lol. So yeah. But it's not the steriotype or anything that did it for me. It's just. Omg. I'm not going to even go there. lol.

Yes I have had my share of terrible boyfriends and dates. But I know my Beast is out there. Yes I say my Beast because I can't stand Prince Charming. He's a pansy. You already know my thing with Beauty and the Beast. I want that friendship that turns into something more. I want to be Belle not Cinderella and definitely not Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. I'd rather be awake thank you.

I hope you have the greatest day you've had in a long time!! Love Always, Kellbelle

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