Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scene 2, Part 3

Today I finally got to spend some time in my apartment. I love it here! Gigi and I get along so great! We're already fast friends. We cooked some pizza rolls and chilled out for a while. Been talking since like 6. HAHA! We're a lot alike. It seems we share the same outlook on a lot of situations and on a lot of people too! I'm looking forward to Kathleen getting here. I can't wait till we're all together and actually have a tv in the living room!!

So I saw some episode of Gilmore Girls, I believe, the other day and got to thinking about how horrible girls can be! Two of the characters were this chick who was leading on this guy. He really liked her and had for a long time and she knew it. So she just kept leading him on and all. She would flirt with him all the time but didn't even like him!! I felt so bad for the guy! Of course he never got the girl. She didn't care about him at all. It was kind of saddening.

I'm so ready to be with everyone soon! I got to hang out with people tonight and it was fun. We really just sat around talking but we haven't seen each other in so long that it was a lot of fun! OMG. So I found this thing online about how you can make a Mountain Dew glow in the dark! SO cool right?! IT DOESN'T WORK! Either that or my Mountain Dew hates me.. I was so sad. I tried four times! I showed them the video and yeah. It doesn't work. :(

I hope you have a great day! Love Always, Kellbelle

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