Thursday, August 13, 2009

Behind the Scenes

Today I am packing up my stuff to go back to school. Now all summer I have been fighting this one family of little black ants. They keep coming to my desk. I have no idea where they are actually coming from, but they sure love to antagonize me. For a while I was keeping bug spray on my desk and I would spray them down and leave fumes swimming in the air in my room.I thought they left. Today I learned I was wrong. I looked at the little thing that holds my pencils and all under my desk. They are all over it! I came back with the spray and attacked. I have one question. What part of "Die you annoying creatures!" don't they understand? My room. Obey me. LEAVE.

My dog, or horse as I call him, just loves to eat paper. And I do mean eat. He actually swallows it. The other day I was helping my mother decorate cans for her class. We had to take animal print paper and put it on the cans. So every time I had pieces of paper I would throw it under the table and feed it to my own personal shredder. And FYI he just ate a bead...

Yesterday I wrote a song that I posted on here entitled Running. I wanted to kind of explain it. Seeing as this is behind the scenes and all. Now normally I have to be really sad or depressed to write songs. In the past two days I have written two songs and I am no where close to depressed. Actually I am extremely happy. Last night something came over me just out of nowhere. I have many goals and things that I'm striving to attain. I've been struggling to be patient with one of them. I've been praying about it for a very long time. All of a sudden, I feel like I'm 1/4 of a mile away from the finish line. Yesterday I guess I just snapped for a minute. I started thinking about it and thought "No. I can't be almost there. It's not as close as it seems." I fled to my bed and just lay face down thinking and praying. I lay there and actually said "I feel like I'm running in the desert. I thought the finish line was near but it's disappeared. I don't know where I'm going anymore. All around me is sand. Is there even a finish line or will I just keep going straight chasing after something I'll never get to?" Then I just knew I needed to write it down. I knew it. I had to get it out. So I sat down and wrote out the chorus. You see it was the first few lines I really needed to get out, then I just had to turn it into an actual song. I wrote the song Running while listening to a sad soundtrack to really pump it out. This entire process took about 5 minutes from getting upset to laying down to writing it out. As soon as I posted it, my answer came to me. Not just did I get my answer but the music turned happy at that exact same time. I just looked up and started laughing. My answer was always there, the same as it has been for a long time, but I stopped trusting God. I thought maybe it isn't God telling me what to do, maybe I'm trying to do this on my own.

You've heard the story of Moses and the Red Sea right? We all feel like we're Moses at times in our lives. We're stuck on the sand with an army coming behind us and a sea in front of us. Now normally I decide I'm going to try to swim and about that time a shark pokes his head up. It's these times when I just have to get down on my knees and ask for help. I stand up and wait on either the sea to part or Jesus to come up in a boat awaiting His boarding passenger. Without God I couldn't have ever stuck some things out as long as I have. Without trusting Him I don't know where I'd be. You see sometimes Jesus comes in a boat because it's not as big of a problem or we're not truly depressed or anything. Sometimes God has to part the Red Sea because we're so low that we need to see what He can do. He can do anything. If He can part a sea and let slaves through and let it fall on the Egyptians, He can handle a small crisis or even a big one. All we have to do is have humility and ask. "Ask and you shall receive."

I hope you have a great day! Love Always, Kellbelle

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