Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scene 3, part 5

I almost forgot to write for today!! Oh no! lol. I have been so tired all day! I just want to sleep! I got up early and went with Michael to get him some new clothes that actually look good. haha So we went to walmart and he locked his keys in his car! He'd kill me if he knew I wrote that on here but yeah. So I had to call the people to come open the car door because of course he locks them in there with the car RUNNING! I was laughing at him the whole time! Then he dropped me off and went on to work and my sister met me out here and we went to the pool. Apparently everyone decided to go lay out today. It was nice just to lay out there and relax and de-stress. We came back and made a Reese's dessert thingy that is sooo good! Afterwards she left and I laid down for like an hour because I had a terrible headache from the sun. The headache has finally gone away.

I have been so stressed out this past week! There has been so much going on that this weekend I just had to sit at home to unwind and relax because I've been going going going since like...uh...May. LOL It was nice to just not worry about anything and sit around for once. The problem is that I may be able to sit around and not do anything but I still can't turn my mind off. I had to take a break friday and saturday from certain things just to clear my mind even though I still worried and wondered the whole time. I've been riding and walking just to think things out. It's the word...confusing. I'm so lost and confused right now and it seems that I'm supposed to be for whatever reason. I thought last night that maybe I would dream about the problem and understand what's going on. Oh I dreamt about it alright...I dreamt I was extremely confused and didn't know what to do and kept asking God for help...Gee...God sure does have a sense of humor huh? lolI guess I'm just going to stay lost and confused for a while, but I pray that the stress level can go down except that I'm taking six extremely hard classes and then band. So I'm not seeing that happen.

I love you!! I'll tell you tomorrow whether or not I died from having Romantic English, Biology, Calculus, Philosophy, and Band tomorrow. lol. Have a great day! Love Always, Kellbelle

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