Wednesday, August 19, 2009

scene 3, part 1

I decided that tonight seemed like a good night to take a walk. No reason. I wasn't upset. I wasn't mad. There was nothing wrong. I just wanted to get out. To walk around and enjoy the night. I grabbed my iPod and started to walk out and then remembered I have a bike. I pulled the bike out and realized when I sat on it that I haven't been on a bike in a loooong time. My butt hurt.

Then I felt it. The feeling I love so much. I felt the wind rush through my hair and knew I'd made the right choice. I biked to campus and then around campus. Did a two mile bike ride and just enjoyed my time out. I stopped at the fountain and sat there for a few minutes just taking in the scenery. Then I climbed up to the chapel. One of my very favorite spots on campus. I parked the bike and started climbing up onto the edge to have a seat facing outward. That's when I hear, "Wait! Don't jump!" I turn around and a freshman is sitting behind me and I hadn't even noticed her! I started laughing and pulled my iPod out of my ears and said I'm not going to jump. I just like sitting here. It was her first day on campus!! We began talking and I really enjoyed the conversation. She then asked for my phone number to keep in contact with me throughout the year. It was really nice.So I jumped back on my bike after stretching some and rode back.

My intent tonight was to kinda ride and just think things through. To think about things going on in life and just give them a better 180 thought and to pray. However, the iPod came on and I started singing. Yes, I sang out loud the whole time. Except when in the quad of course! It was a really relaxing time. Of course, I did do some thinking. But I wasn't really deep in thought or anything. I was just enjoying my time riding around with the wind blowing through my hair and trying not to worry about anything I've been worrying about or anything. No worries. No cares. Just me, my bike, and the path leading me to the unfamiliar future.

Sometimes it's just good to get out there and it be you and nature. To take a step back and say "Wow. Lord you did a great job." I've always enjoyed riding at night more than in the day time. I guess I just see things differently. I'd rather ride my bike and feel like I can do anything. Like if a man jumped out at me with an axe, I could get away still. On a bike I am fearless and confident. I can do all and all my hopes and dreams will come true. Any pain or anger or sadness or whatever is blown away in the wind as I ride towards the unknown.

It seems there is beauty in the breakdown after all.

I hope today has been wondermous. Love Always, Kellbelle

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