Wednesday, September 2, 2009

scene 5, part 2

I regret not really talking yesterday. I am sorry. I should have typed. I learned some things about myself yesterday. For one I learned that I think of others way too much. I don't tell guys I like them bc I'm afraid they'll get upset! How terrible of me! So anyways, I learned a lot. But mostly I learned to not be afraid anymore. I'm not going to run away from my problems but instead face them with how I deem the correct way to.

I found out today that telling a guy that I they are a great friend is like the A-bomb hitting Hiroshima. I realized after I was told this that I have told guys I like that they are great friends. Not because I didn't want to date them because I did want to date them. It's because I really am happy that they are my friend. IDK but Apparently I have dropped the A-bomb several times without realizing it. To one person, I am extremely sorry because I really did like him and I thanked him for his friendship and he got really upset and I didn't understand why. Now I do.

So tonight I am going to unwind and relax seeing as I only have band tomorrow. The plan is to read my new cosmopolitan and take a bubble bath with the Disney princess bubble bath I bought tonight. lol

I went out with Mary Rodgers tonight! It was so much fun! We went to Newks and Walmart lol. We saw this guy driving his car wearing a bike helmet! We were laughing so hard! She started crying! I took a picture of him lol. It was so funny!

Peace, Love, and Cucumbers!! Love Always, Kellbelle :D

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